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Pitch Decks


  • 19 Page Guidebook

  • Images Included

  • Real descriptions (no filler text)

  • Fully editable

  • Template Files: Google Slides, PPT, KEY

A 3 step process:



Create a professional brand twice as fast by following a proven framework



Create stunning and effective brand guidelines without missing crucial details



Deliver high-quality guidelines that reflect what the brand is truly about.

Designed specifically for eco-retreat centers

Raise money

We help start-ups create compelling, persuasive, and tangible pitch deck slides that drive investors and raise funding in round A.

Convert new clients

Get an effective PowerPoint pitch deck that highlights your value proposition, connects clients with the problem, and aligns with their needs.

Showcase your company

To make your company stand out, we follow the advice of Y-Combinator and create easy-to-understand, clear, and simple pitch deck slides.

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Make sure your brand looks great every time

As your brand grows and evolves over time, having clear brand guidelines in place will allow you to always stay true to your brand's identity while you innovate and try new things. Working with other designers? No problem. With a brand guide in place, everyone's designing according to the same visual language.

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What's Included

  • 19 Page Guidebook

  • Images + download links

  • Real descriptions (no filler text)

  • Fully editable

  • Template Files: Google Slides, PPT, KEY

  • Free font download links

  • Layered document

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  • Are all of the fonts in this guide free?
    Yes. The guide itself and every font in it is 100% free for both personal and commercial projects.
  • Will I be able to use these fonts inside of Google Slides & Google Docs?
    Yes, the guide itself was created in Google Slides so you can rest assured that any font within it is compatible with the Google Workspace programs
  • What can I customize?
    You can move, edit or change all the elements in our templates. The text & colors are fully editable so you can change the palette to suit your needs.
Joshua Smith
Founder & Brand Strategist 

From the Instructor:

After years of trying to design brand guidelines from scratch (but not really knowing if I was doing it right) I've created this guide to act as the template that I wish I had when I started my design career 10 years ago. Once I cracked the code on what actually goes into creating a professional brand guide, I was able to nearly 5x my price. I've charged clients $5,000 to create brand guidelines using these exact same slides. That's why I'm sharing it with you now; to help you grow your business and avoid the same mistakes that I made when I was just getting started. It's my hope that having this structure to work off of will bring out your confidence & credibility, speeding up your design process and producing high-quality work that reflects what your brand is truly about.  Enjoy! :) 

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