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Learn how to brand your community from the ground up


If you’re starting a community but...

We help you go from an embarrassing, ineffective brand to one you’re proud of that helps you land investment  


Not knowing where to start

Feeling overwhelmed

Ideas just floating around

Not much written down

No coherent brand identity

No presentation of your vision 


Having a proven process to follow

Feeling clear and confident

Everything written down

Clearly defined brand identity

Visual brand assets

Investment-ready pitch deck 

Community Brand Blueprint

A 9 week program to help you clarify the vision of your community, build a brand, and present your vision to others.

What’s Included?

jonas-leupe-wlrmQa7Hli8-unsplash (1).jpg


Clarify Your Vision

Capture your ideas and organize them into clear, coherent categories 

glenn-carstens-peters-npxXWgQ33ZQ-unsplash (1).jpg


Analyze the Market

Gain insight into your target market, research similar projects, and define what makes yours unique.

Brand Voice.jpg


Establish Brand Voice

Define the personality of your project and create guidelines around how to speak to your audience

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 10.14.05 AM.png


Create a Moodboard

Supercharge your inspiration and outline the look and feel of your brand before designing anything 



Design Your Logo

Learn how to design a logo yourself or successfully lead a designer to create one for you



Create Brand Guide

Establish clear guidelines so that all future designers know exactly how to work with your brand

christin-hume-Hcfwew744z4-unsplash (1).jpg


Write Content

Outline your pitch deck and get clear on the title, order, and main points of each slide



Lay Out Slides

Browse a massive library of slide layouts to ensure that each slide looks clean and well organized



Design Pitch Deck

Combine your brand colors, fonts, images, and design elements to make each slide come to life

Accelerate your project with ready-to-use templates

Choose Your Pricing Plan


9 Week Coaching Program

Lifetime Access to ALL Content

✔ Video Library

✔ Private Members Area

✔ 9 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

✔ 3 One-On-One Coaching Calls

✔ Direct Feedback on Documents

✔ Editable Templates

✔ Course Workbooks

✔ Downloadable Resources

✔ Access ALL Future Content


Online Course

Lifetime Access to ALL Content

✔ Video Library

✔ Private Members Area

  ✗  9 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

✗ 3 One-On-One Coaching Calls

 Direct Feedback on Documents

✔ Editable Templates

✔ Course Workbooks

✔ Downloadable Resources

✔ Access ALL Future Content

What our clients are saying...

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Jonathan Keim

I worked with Joshua to help co-create my brand identity and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. He created a series of documents that went above and beyond what most brand development agencies would provide you. They brought life, soul, direction and purpose to the company. His attention to detail, approach, structure, and systemic way of thinking taught me a lot about brand strategy. I continue to use his methods and our organization continues to refer to his work often. I would definitely hire him again.


Miranda Clendening

Joshua has a great understanding of whole-system community development as well as a huge amount of organized knowledge, tools, and systems to help people plan out designing or upgrading their communities. He is also very chill, funny, easy to work with, and absolutely brilliant.


Kevin Orosz

“Working with Joshua to construct my brand was an absolute treat. His organization combined with his design skills really stood out to me. It felt synergistic and effortless at times when the technical side of the project could have easily devolved into confusion.”

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